Stop the Attacks on Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Prisons. Free Ahmad Sa’adat and All Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Prisons

Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and 30 other prisoners in the Nafha prison were injured in the morning July 28 when they were attacked violently by prison guards who entered their cells and examined and confiscated their personnel belongings.  The attacks, which should punish the prisoners for their steadfastness, were met with fierce resistance from the prisoners.

We, Internationalt Forum/The Middle East Group, protest against the violent attacks in the Nafha prison on Ahmad Sa’adat and the other prisoners.  We demand the release of all Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons.

There are  5,820 Palestinian political prisoners detained in Israeli jails, including student union leaders, grassroot activists and children. More than 400 are held on ‘administrative detention’, over 160 are children, and 16 are members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. , Many of them, like Ahmad Sa’adat, are imprisoned on the basis of their membership in Palestinian organizations that Israel considers ‘terrorist’. .

 We in Internationalt  Forum/the Middle East Group,  consider Israel   a  terror state. The Palestinians who resists the occupation are freedom fighters.

Fight  the Occupation of Palestine – Boycott Israel – Free Palestine


Internationalt Forum/The Middle East Group